EEL 2161- C for Engineers

EEL 2161– C for Engineers

Catalog Description:          Prerequisites:

No prerequisites are listed in the catalog. The course is targeted for students majoring in engineering and the sciences. Familiarity with computers is helpful however, extra help will be provided for those who have never used a computer before.

Course Objectives:

  1. To present a consistent methodology for solving engineering problems.
  2. To introduce the fundamental capabilities of C++ and MATLAB, the programming tools of choice of most practicing engineers.
  3. To illustrate the numerical problem-solving process, testing and interpretation of results through a variety of engineering examples and applications.

Text Books:         

  1. Introduction to C++ for Engineers and Scientists by D. M. Etter, Prentice Hall, 1997.
  2. Engineering Problem Solving with MATLAB by D. M. Etter, Prentice Hall, 1997.

Instructor:                            Dr. Nurgun Erdol, Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering


Telephone:                            561-297-3409

Class time/place: T, Tr 4:30-5:50 pm, EE[1] 207

Office Hours:                       T,Tr  12:00-1:30 in EE 436, and by email and blackboard. Please copy and paste / C for Engineers /without the /  in the subject field of your email.

Teaching Assistant:          

Mr. Adrian Pasarariu
Room EE 410A

Help:  If you need extra help, please contact the Division of Engineering Student Services  for FREE tutorial services.


  1. I.       C Programming
    1. Simple C Programs
      1. Program structure
      2. Constants and variables
      3. Assignment statements
      4. Standard input/output
      5. Mathematical functions
      6. Problem solving applied: velocity computation
      7. Control structures and data files
        1. Algorithm development
        2. Conditional Expressions
        3. if, while, for statements
        4. Reading and generating data files
        5. Problem solving applied: Weather balloons
      8. Modular Programming, function prototypes
      9. Arrays of one and many dimensions
      10. II.    MATLAB
        1. The MATLAB environment, functions and matrices
        2. Solutions to systems of linear equations and circuit analysis
        3. Interpolation and curve fitting, signal sampling and reconstruction
        4. Numerical integration, differentiation, velocity, distance, power and energy computations


  1. Midterm exam on C/C++:    35%
  2. Final exam on MATLAB:  35%
  3. Bi-weekly homework assignments: 20%
  4. Class attendance and participation: 10%
  • Go to blackboard/assignments
  • Find the current assignment.
  • Click on View/Complete Assignment: Assignment 1
  • Attach local file; browse; find your assignment file;  click OK.

Grading Scale:

 A:  90-100%; A-: 85-89%; B+: 80-84%; B: 75-79%; B-: 70-74%;    C+: 65-69%; C:  60-64%; C- : 50-59%.  

Web access: Course materials, homework assignments and announcements will be posted on Students may access the site by logging in according to the menu on the web site. You will need your SOCIAL SECURITY OR STUDENT NUMBER.

[1] EE: Engineering East. (The real new, LEEDS certified Engineering building 96)