Papers Under Review for Publication in Refereed Journals

1. Stevanovic, A.Z., Zlatkovic, M., Stevanovic, J., Kergaye, C., Ostojic, M., and Tasic, M. I. (2014). “Multimodal Traffic Control for Large Urban Networks with Special Priority for Light Rail Transit.” Accepted for presentation at the 94th TRB Annual Meeting, under review for publication in Transportation Research Record.

2. So, J., Stevanovic, A.Z., and Ostojic, M. (2014). “A Methodology to Estimate Volume to Capacity Ratios at Traffic Signals Based on Upstream Link Travel Times. Submitted for publication in Transportation Research C (Call for papers in “Big Data in Transportation and Traffic Engineering”).

3. So, J., Stevanovic, A.Z. and Kergaye, C. (2014). “Variations in Travel Times by the Degree of Data Aggregation and Measuring Technique.” Submitted for publication in IET Intelligent Transport Systems (Paper invited through the ITS World Congress (Detroit, USA) post-conference selection process).

4. Jolovic, D., Stevanovic, A.Z., Martin, P.T., and Glavic, D. “Optimal Design of Traffic Signal Phasing – Evaluation of Safety and Efficiency.” Submitted for publication in IATSS Research – a journal of International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences.