CS 591: Hot Topics in Cybersecurity

Department of Computer Science
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901
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  1. Jan 14 - Jan 16:
    Mathematical Background
  2. Jan 21 - Jan 23:
    Security and Cryptography Background
  3. Jan 28 - Jan 30:
    Secret Sharing Schemes for Very Dense Graphs (Crypto'12)
    The Parrot is Dead: Observing Unobservable Network Communications (S&P'13)
    Memento: Learning Secrets from Process Footprints (S&P'12)
  4. Feb 04 - Feb 06:
    Transparent, Distributed, and Replicated Dynamic Provable Data Possession (ACNS'13)
    Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile (S&P'10)
  5. Feb 11 - Feb 13:
    Before We Knew It: An Empirical Study of Zero-Day Attacks In The Real World (CCS'12)
    Permission Evolution in the Android Ecosystem (ACSAC'12)
    How to Ask For Permission (HotSec'12)
  6. Feb 18 - Feb 20:
    Group Behavior Metrics for P2P Botnet Detection (ICICS'12)
    Cars, Condoms, and Facebook (ISC'13)
    Guess Who's Texting You? Evaluating the Security of Smartphone Messaging Applications (NDSS'12)
    Third-Party Web Tracking: Policy and Technology (S&P'12)
  7. Feb 25 - Feb 27:
    Tapas: Design, Implementation, and Usability Evaluation of a Password Manager (ACSAC'12)
    SoK: Secure Data Deletion (S&P'13)
  8. Mar 04 - Mar 06:
    Applying Time-Bound Hierarchical Key Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks (ICICS'11)
    Comprehensive Experimental Analyses of Automotive Attack Surfaces (Security'11)
    Facing the Facts About Image Type in Recognition-Based Graphical Passwords (ACSAC'11)
  9. Mar 11 - Mar 13: Spring Vacation
  10. Mar 18 - Mar 20:
    Inferring Protocol State Machine from Network Traces: A Probabilistic Approach (ACNS'11)
    Automated Remote Repair for Mobile Malware (ACSAC'11)
  11. Mar 25 - Mar 27:
    Ideal Secret Sharing Schemes with Share Selectability (ICICS'11)
    Developing an International Cooperation on Cyber Defense and Deterrence Against Cyber Terrorism (ICCC'11)
  12. Apr 01 - Apr 03:
    The Socialbot Network: When Bots Socialize for Fame and Money (ACSAC'11)
    Scriptless Attacks - Stealing the Pie Without Touching the Sill (CCS'12)
    Defeat Information Leakage from Browser Extensions via Data Obfuscation (ICICS'13)
    Towards End-to-End Secure Content Storage and Delivery with Public Cloud (CODASPY'12)
  13. Apr 08 - Apr 10:
    Trustworthy Distributed Computing on Social Networks (AsiaCCS'13)
    I Still Know What You Visited Last Summer (S&P'12)
    Neighborhood Watch: Security and Privacy Analysis of Automatic Meter Reading Systems (CCS'12)
  14. Apr 15 - Apr 17:
    Evading Censorship with Browser-Based Proxies (PETS'12)
    Take a Bite - Finding the Worm in the Apple (ICICS'13)
  15. Apr 22 - Apr 24:
    Botcoin: Monetizing Stolen Cycles (NDSS'14)
    Securing Computer Hardware Using 3D Integrated Circuit (IC) Technology and Split Manufacturing for Obfuscation (Security'13)
    Towards Active Detection of Identity Clone Attacks on Online Social Networks (CODASPY'11)
    The Crossfire Attack (S&P'13)
  16. Apr 29 - May 01: Cybersecurity Project Presentations
  17. May 05: Final Exam - Monday from 12:50 to 02:50 PM.
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