Microfabrication Techniques

1. Hot Embossing Technique For Plastic Microfluidic Chips

A cost-effective, simple, and rapid prototyping technique for plastic microfluidic devices is useful for various applications. The focus of this research is on the fabrication of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) chip using a polymethylsiloxane (PDMS)-based hot embossing process.

<Hot Embossing Machine (>$100,000) vs. Laboratory Press ($5,000)>


<Optical Images of Mold and Replica>



2. Characterization of PDMS Properties

Typical PDMS chips were made of mixing ratio with 10:1 (prepolymer : mixing agent), but their mechanical and chemical properties are not suitable to various microfluidic applications such as pressure driven flow (> O(100 Pa)) and heavy chemical-involved flows. This research is for enhancing the mechanical and thermal properties of PDMS material to use it in various microfluidics applications.


<Channel Geometry>
 <Deformation by Pressure-Driven Flow>  d


<PDMS swelling> 


<Dye Diffusion Comparison>