About me

I am an associate professor of EECS at Florida Atlantic University. My main research areas is cryptography. My specific expertise is on the following topics:

  • Lattice-based Cryptography
  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), theory and applications to private ML and data analytics
  • Post-quantum cryptography for advanced crypto designs, including functional encryption, attribute-based encryption, advanced signatures, efficient ZK proofs
  • Multiparty computation
  • Leakage and tamper resilient cryptography

Please see my CV and research page for further information. My research has been supported by NSF CRII award, NSF Career award, and a CARE fund.

Prior to FAU, I was a postdoc of Maryland Cybersecurity Center at the University of Maryland, under the supervision of Profs. Jon Katz, Elaine Shi, and Dana Dachman-Soled.

I obtained my PHD at Brown University in 2013. I was fortunate to have Prof. Anna Lysyanskaya as my advisor.