My goal is to share with colleagues around the world course related material. The “Teaching” part of my web page is envisioned to be a portal for courses lecture videos, lecture note material, tutorials on subjects of interest and papers relating experiences and good practices on some of the course developments that I have done over the years.

Let me start with my Teaching Philosophy (pdf).

Course videos are for the time being (as of December 8, 2011) available for four courses: EEE 3300 Electronics 1, EEE 4361 Electronics 2, EEL 4652 Control Systems 1 and BME 5742 Biosystems Modeling and Control.

As you watch these videos on www.vimeo.com be aware that in many lectures the camera started to run a few minutes before the lectures actually started – just skip to the right starting point.

During the 1980’s and early 1990’s I had the chance of teaching many undergraduate and graduate level EE courses, particularly in Controls and Robotics. In the mid 1990’s I was drawn (almost accidentally) into teaching electronics courses, and it has continued to the present – a whole page is devoted to my electronics instruction.

In 1998 I was recruited by the College of Engineering Dean to the planning team of a new freshmen-level introduction to engineering course. I actively taught EGN 1002 Fundamentals of Engineering from 1998 till 2003. Other colleagues of mine teach the course these days, and to my delight many follow the curriculum that I developed. The paper “The Making of EGN 1002 Fundamentals of Engineering” (pdf) is aimed at all instructors who wishes to teach such a course. It shares my experiences – successes, failures and much course material.

Another paper “The Making of BME 5742 Bio-systems Modeling and Control” (pdf) shares sismilar experiences, regarding one of the courses that eventually became one of the core courses of our Bioengineering program.

In 1996 the State of Florida mandated the Students Perception Of Teaching (SPOT) open-access surveys. It is sort of a cumulative “consumer report type” data regarding the teaching performance of all faculty and instructors. My SPOT evaluations for all courses that I taught from Spring 1997 till the present can be accessed at www.fau.edu/spot/. Search under “Instructor Name” – use the keywords “Roth, Zvi” and select a semester. In the ratings 1.0 means “excellent” and 5.0 means “poor”..