My EEE 3300 Electronics 1 course lecture videos (30 videos, 1:50 hours long each) are in www.vimeo.com/album/226381 . For videos Table of Contents click here.

My EEE 4361 Electronics 2 course lecture videos (27 lectures; 1 hour and 20 minutes each) are in www.vimeo.com/album/166900. For videos Table of Contents click here.

In both table of contents lectures that provide hands-on PSPICE tutorials  (Orcad Lite 9.2)  are marked in red.

I also regularly teach the graduate level course EEE 5321 CMOS Amplifiers. In Spring 2009 I team-taught the course with Mr. Wilfredo Rivas-Torres (Agilent Technologies) – many of the course lectures featured live demonstrations of CMOS analog circuits design using ADS software. The course was very fast paced and it ended up covering topics that normally don’t get to be covered at other times. See the Spring 2009 Calendar (pdf). The lecture videos from that course are available on CDs but the video quality is not the best. In Spring 2011 I taught EEE 5321 CMOS Amplifiers dually offered as undergraduate elective course and introductory graduate level course. The majority of students who took the course happend to be undergraduate and that is why I opted to rely primarily on PSPICE design demonstrations. See Spring 2011 Course Calendar (pdf). Our intent was to post that course’s lecture videos on Vimeo but unfortunately due to a massive system crash many un-backed-up lectures became lost including 11 lectures from the CMOS Amplifier course. The course is scheduled to be taught again in Summer 2011.

A zipped file of the Electronics 2 lecture notes