Principal investigator

E(Sarah) Du, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Ocean and Mechanical Engineering


BiographyDr. Sarah Du joined FAU as Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in 2014, was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2019. Prior to joining FAU, she was a postdoctoral researcher in the Nanomechanics Lab at MIT (2011 – 2014), during which she researched on cell biomechanics  and  biorheology in sickle cell disease and malaria under supervision of Profs. Subra Suresh and Ming Dao. She earned her PhD in Mechanical Engineering with Prof. Souran Manoochehri and awarded the James Henry Porter Award for Outstanding Performance in Doctorate Program from Stevens Institute of Technology.  Her current research is focused on biosensors and microfluidics for the study of cell biomechanics and biophysics, crossing disciplines by utilizing microfabrication, biosensing techniques, soft matter mechanics, biomaterials, and cell biology. Her lab develops novel point-of-care diagnostics and analytical assays for blood diseases. Dr. Du received the recognition of mHealth Scholar from the NIH mHealth Training Institute (2015), Researcher of the Year from Florida Atlantic University (2018), and the STEM Educator Award from the Engineers’ Council (2019).

Graduate Students

Darryl Dieujuste Picture

Darryl Dieujuste

PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering


Research topics: Smart biosensors, sickle cell disease


Babak Mosavati

PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering


Research topics: Organ-on-a-chip, placental malaria


Mustafa Ayanoglu

PhD candidate, Mechanical Engineering


Research topics: Moisture absorption and mechanics of composite materials


Kalpani Nisansala Udeni 

PhD candidate, Physics


Co-advised with Dr. Andy W.C. Lau

Research topics: Biophysics of endothelial cell barrier function

Undergraduate Students

Ladd Brown

Mechanical Engineering


Research topics: sickle cell vascular occlusion


High School Students

Kofi Meighan

Pine Crest School

Research interests: biomedical devices, sickle cell disease



Visiting Professors & Scholars

Shaofeng Wu, Lecturer, Hangzhou Dianzi University


Prof. Ofelia Alvarez, M.D., Professor of Clinical; Director, Pediatric Sickle Cell Program, University of Miami

Prof. Leif A. Carlsson, Ph.D., J.M. Rubin Foundation Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Prof. Ming Dao, Ph.D., Principal Investigator & Director, Nanomechanics Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Prof. Erik Engeberg, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Prof. Xuejin Li, Ph.D., ZJU-100 Young Professor, Zhejiang Universitty

Prof. Andrew V. Oleinikov, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biomedical Science, Florida Atlantic University

Prof. Claudia O Rodrigues, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, University of Miami

Prof. Subra Suresh, Ph.D., Vannevar Bush Professor of Engineering Emeritus, MIT; NTU President and Distinguished University Professor

Prof. Jianning Wei, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Prof. Emmanuelle Tognoli, Ph.D., Research Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Prof. Doug Hutchinson, M.D., Professor, University of Utah

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