Active projects

  • NIH/NIBIB # 1R01EB025819 SCH: INT: Virtual Neuroprosthesis: Restoring Autonomy to People Suffering from Neurotrauma (mPI; lead PI: Dr. Erik Engeberg)
  • NSF/CMMI #1941655 Mechanobiology of Hemoglobin-Based Artificial Oxygen Carriers (sole PI)
  • NSF/CBET #2032730 A Novel Bioimpedance Sensor for Intracellular Hemoglobin Analysis in Single Sickle Cells (sole PI)

Completed projects

  • Florida Department of Health #9AZ06 Effect of neuronal activity on synaptopathy in Alzheimer’s disease using a novel multi-electrode microfluidic platform (co-PI; PI: Dr. Jianning Wei)
  • NSF/CMMI #1635312 Dynamic and Fatigue Analysis of Healthy and Diseased Red Blood Cells (sole PI)
  • NIH/NICHD R21HD092779 Placeta-on-a-Chip Sensing Platform to Study Placental Malaria (lead PI)
  • NSF/CMMI #1562062 Water Absorption and Mechanical Strength of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials Containing Voids (PI)
  • NIH/NHLBI OT2HL152638 Validation of Imaging and Electrical Impedance-based Microfluidic Assays for Cell Sickling (sole PI)
  • NSF/IIS#1464102 CRII: SCH: A Smart Biosensor for Monitoring Cell Sickling in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease (sole PI)