Author of more than 40 books and 300 research and scientific papers.

Principal Investigator and Director of the NSF grant for the Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Advanced Knowledge Enablement, Phase I (2009-2015), and Phase II (2015-2010). Presently there are 33 high tech companies with the membership of approximately $3 million. Initiated and completed 35 industry/university projects.
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Received total of $15 million funding from government agencies including NSF, NIH, NASA, and Office of Naval Research, and from industrial corporations including IBM, Apple, Motorola, LexisNexis, Emerson, and others.

Principal Investigator of the NSF project on “Modeling Ebola Spread and Developing Decision Support System Using Big Data Analytics,” (2015-2016).
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Co-Principal Investigator of the “Center for the Coastline Security Technologies”, Federal Earmark Grant, Office of Naval Research, $6 million (2004-2007); directed the project on “Video and Image Processing Techniques for the Coastline Security.”

Member of the team that developed a new technique for video and audio broadcasting over the Internet, referred as to IP Simulcast, which represents according to leading experts in the field, the basis for the future research in cooperative computing and peer-to-peer streaming (1997-1999). Published by IEEE in “Multimedia Broadcasting Over the Internet,” (1998).
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Jointly with his PhD student Dr. Raymond Westwater, developed an innovative real-time video compression technique, based on adaptive 3D-DCT technique. In a number of publications, the results have showed that the technique is superior over the standard MPEG compression (1996-1997).
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Performed a pioneering work in early interactive television systems, jointly with researchers from Scientific Atlanta and Hewlett Packard. Published one of the pioneering papers in the field: B. Furht, D. Kalra, F. Kitson, A.A. Rodriguez, and W.E. Wall, “Design Issues for Interactive Television Systems”, IEEE Computer, Vol. 28, No. 5, May 1995, pp. 25-39, which was selected by readers as one of the three best papers in 1994/95.
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Principal author of the book “Video and Image Processing in Multimedia Systems” (Kluwer, 1995), which is one of the first in the field, and was adapted by several universities, including Stanford University, as the textbook for graduate courses on multimedia.
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Founded and served as a Director of the Multimedia Laboratory at FAU, which was funded by National Science Foundation (1994-1997).

Founded International Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (today Springer), where he currently serves as Editor-in-Chief (1994-present).
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Performed pioneering work in the area of multimedia (1992-2000), and published one of the first article introducing the research areas in multimedia in EEE Multimedia, its first issue in 1994. The title of the article: “Multimedia Systems: An Overview,” (1994).
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Founded, jointly with Dr. Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Journal of Big Data, published by Springer. Serves as Editor-in-Chief (2013-present). This is one of the first research journals in the area of big data and data analytics.
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When served as Senior Director of Development and Vice President of Research at Modcomp, one of the inventors of the first Tri-Dimensional real-time computer systems for the open system industry (1989). The company sold 350 units of the Tri-Dimensional computers in USA, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Singapore, and Venezuela. The prestigious customers included NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, MIT, Boeing, Krupp, Hoechst, Thyssen, and Renault. IEEE publication: “The Design of Tri_D Real-Time Computer Systems,” (1989).
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A principal author of the book on “Real-Time UNIX Systems: Design and Application Guide” (Kluwer, 1991), which has been successfully used as a marketing and sales tool at Modcomp. More than 5000 copies of the book were sold and the book has also been translated to Japanese.
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While at Modcomp, jointly with Robert Luken from NASA, designed the Space Shuttle launch computer control system at NASA Kennedy Space Center. Published by the IEEE in the paper “The Space Shuttle Launch Computer Control System at NASA Kennedy Space Center,” (1991).
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Co-edited with H.J. Siegel. D. Gajski, and V. Milutinovic the bestseller book on “Computer Architecture.” Published by IEEE Press (1987).

Wrote the textbook on “Microprocessor Interfacing and Communications”, published by Prentice-Hall (1986).

Editor-in-Chief of the Encyclopedia of Multimedia, published by Springer, 1st Edition (2005), 2nd Edition (2008).
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Editor-in-Chief of Encyclopedia of Wireless and Mobile Communications, CRC Press, 1st Edition, (2008), 2nd Edition, (2013).
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Served successfully as an expert witness for Adobe, Qualcomm, Cisco, and Bell Canada.