Courses Taught

Advanced Internet Engineering (developed in 2002, FAU)

Multimedia Systems (developed in 1993, FAU)

Multimedia Systems (developed fully online course in 2016, FAU)

Emerging Multimedia Technologies (developed in 2013, FAU)

Multimedia System Design (developed in 1995, FAU)

Video and Image Processing in Multimedia Systems (developed in 1995, FAU)

Real-Time Systems (developed in 1989, University of Miami (UM)

Advanced Computer Architecture (developed in 1987, UM)

Parallel Computers and Programming (developed in 1987, UM)

Software Engineering

Expert Systems

Introduction to Image and Video Processing (developed in 2018, FAU)

Discovering New Technologies (developed in 2014, FAU)

Logic Design

Introduction to Microcomputers

Operating Systems

Structured Computer Architecture

Microprocessor Systems

Computer Organization and Design

Interfacing and Communications

Introduction to Computer Technology

Programming Languages (University of Belgrade)

Numerical Analysis (University of Belgrade)

Assembly Language Programming (University of Belgrade)

CAP 6010 – Multimedia Systems