FAU Participates in Forum on Technology and Education at the United Nations Headquarters in New York

Faculty members from Florida Atlantic University’s Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and local industry partners, served on a panel at the Economic and Social Council Civil Society Forum, May 16, titled “Building Partnerships in the Field of Education through Science, Technology and Innovation,” at the United Nations (U.N.) headquarters in New York.
“It is a great honor and privilege to be selected to serve on this panel,” said Borko Furht, Ph.D., chair and professor of the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at FAU, and special advisor for the U.N. Global Millennium Development Foundation. “Research and discovery play a major role in how we address the challenges faced by communities worldwide. My colleagues, industry partners and I are always striving to develop innovative approaches to these needs.”
Forum participants discussed the role of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to introduce innovative educational products, services, platforms and educational strategies to children worldwide. The FAU team presented innovative software and hardware techniques and technologies, which are available for global education including the latest tablets, smartphones, digital textbooks and game-based learning. They also discussed the role of new educational platforms, such as Massive Open Online Courses, Cloud-based education and advanced mobile technology, and also presented immersive education principles, which combine interactive 3D graphics, commercial games and simulation technology, virtual reality, web cameras, and rich digital media with collaborative course environments and classrooms.
Opening remarks were presented by Thomas Basile, vice president of the Global Millennium Development Foundation; H. E. Nestor Osorio, president of the Economic and Social Council of the U.N.; Danilo Parmegiani from the Legion of Good Will; Laura Bianchi, advisor to the Promotion of the Social Values of the TIC., Ceibal Center for Children and Youth Education Support – Plan Ceibal; Byong Jin Ahn, vice president of KyungHeeCyber University.
Furht moderated a distinguished panel of technologists, educators and businesspeople, that included Daniel Cane, co-founder of Blackboard and CEO of Modernizing Medicine; Pete Martinez, chairman of the board, Palm Beach Medical Education Company; Jaime Borras, chief technology officer of Mobile Technology Consortium; and Hari Kalva, Ph.D., associate professor of computer science at FAU. Other panelists included Matt Greenfield, managing partner of Rethink Education; Marco Fishben, CEO of Descomplica and Tech x Education Entrepreneur, Brazil; and Cristin Fodella, K-12 education outreach lead at Google.
The event was supported by the Legion of Good Will of the United States, the Global Millennium Development Foundation, and the World Association of Former U.N. Interns and Fellows.
Note: Dr. Furht, I/UCRC Center Director, FAU Site was the organizer and moderator of the Forum and he invited several I/UCRC industry members to participate as panelists.