Journal Publications

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In Review

  • A. T. Greer, J. C. Lehrter, B. M. Binder, A. R. Nayak, R. Barua*, A.E. Rice, J. Cohen, M. McFarland, A. Hagemeyer, N.D. Stockley, K.M. Boswell, I. Shulman, S. deRada, B. Penta, “High-resolution sampling of a broad marine life size spectrum in relation to shelf biophysical characteristics”, Submitted to Frontiers in Marine Science in March 2020.
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  • B. Guo, L. Nyman*, A.R. Nayak, D. Milmore, M. McFarland, M. Twardowski,J. Yu and J. Hong, “Automated plankton classification from holographic imagery with deep convolutional neural networks” Submitted to Limnology & Oceanography: Methods in May 2020.
  • A.R. Nayak, E. Malkiel, M. McFarland, M. Twardowski and J. Sullivan, “A review of holography in the aquatic sciences: In situ characterization of particles, plankton and small scale biophysical interactions”. Submitted to Frontiers in Marine Science.

Conference Proceedings

  • A.R. Nayak, M. McFarland, M. Twardowski, T. Moore, J. Sullivan and F. Dalgleish. “Using digital holography to characterize thin layers and harmful algal blooms in aquatic environments”, 2019. In OSA Digital Holography & Three-dimensional Imaging Meeting, pp.Th4A-4. Optical Society of America.
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* indicates contribution by graduate students or postdocs in our lab.