Hongbo Su was invited to serve on the editorial team for Physics and Chemistry of the Earth

Hongbo Su was appointed as an Associate Editor for Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, starting from Sep. 01, 2019.

Physics and Chemistry of the Earth is an international interdisciplinary journal for the rapid publication of collections of refereed communications in separate thematic issues. The journal has an Impact Factor of  1.968 in 2019.

The journal covers the following subject areas:

Solid Earth and Geodesy
(geology, geochemistry, tectonophysics, seismology, volcanology, palaeomagnetism and rock magnetism, electromagnetism and potential fields, marine and environmental geosciences as well as geodesy)

Hydrology, Oceans and Atmosphere
(hydrology and water resources research, engineering and management, oceanography and oceanic chemistry, shelf, sea, lake and river sciences, meteorology and atmospheric sciences incl. chemistry as well as climatology and glaciology)

Solar-Terrestrial and Planetary Science
(solar, heliospheric and solar-planetary sciences, geology, geophysics and atmospheric sciences of planets, satellites and small bodies as well as cosmochemistry and exobiology).


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