Comments on Teaching


Taken from official SPOT (Student Perception of Teaching) evaluations

Fall 2017 Comments

“This course was perfect, professor took his time to explain every point, tried to make sure that everyone understood the topics that were covered. Dr. Teegavarapu actually enjoys what he does and is very knowledgable about it, he doesn’t ever use slides or reads
out of a textbook and yet you can tell that he is more prepared than other professors. Dr. T is one of the very very few professors that the school should protect with everything they have and try to keep him as long as possible”.

“He really wanted the students to learn the material and he was able to actually teach the subject. Without slides”.

“One of the best professors in the department”.

“Learned a lot because the professor teaching style was great. He s outgoing and the course became less complicated. The lectures
was also online where you can go back and view to help with programs and projects”

“Great lecturer, was funny at times but also clear with the information

Dr. Teegavarapu is great”.

“Dr. T is more than excellent he is what FAU should be gearing towards. Teaching style is the way all FAU professors need to go instead of powerpoints. Dr. T is one of a kind! I wished more professors were like him. I enjoyed every class I’ve had with him. I
truely believe if the school were to change it’s teaching method, they should change it to the way Dr. T does things”.

“I learned so
much from him. and when I was lost or felt like I didnt understand, he took the time to reteach the topic. A few times I was lost
during his lectures and he could tell just by seeing. Now that is a teacher!!”

 “I suggest that Dr. T sit with other professors and encourage them to adapt to this style of teaching rather than reading a text book/PowerPoint to students”.

“I already liked hydraulics but now I m completely sold. I enjoyed this course very much. Thank you Dr. T.
give this man a raise!!”

“Best teacher in the curriculum”

“The fact that the material was not taught from a power point. Dr. T really knows the material and takes his time and break it down”.

“I really enjoyed learning about hydrology and everything that goes into the course. I enjoyed the project at the end and being able
to apply the topics we learned in class”.
“I liked how the questions in the exam was related to real life, which whatever you learned in this course you will enjoy doing it in
real life”.

“I liked how straightforward the lectures were. The content was fair and Dr. T took his time to explain any confusions”.
“I liked how much of the items we learned in this class can be applied to real world applications for land development.
Final Project. Gives real life perspective”.

“Every single thing. Dr. T is hands down the BEST PROFESSOR at FAU. I wouldn t mind coming back for his style of teaching(I d prefer
to graduate though). He is so resourceful and available whenever he s needed. Not one complaint”.

Dr. T. is an excellent professional”.

“Dr. T is one of a kind! I wished more professors were like him. I enjoyed every class I’ve had with him. I truely believe if the school
were to change it’s teaching method, they should change it to the way Dr. T does things”.

“I learned so much from him. and when I
was lost or felt like I didn’t understand, he took the time to reteach the topic. A few times I was lost during his lectures and he
could tell just by seeing. Now that is a teacher!! “

“Dr. T is a very good teacher and he knows the material very well.I like the way the class was organized. I like his enthusiasm, and
the fact he was always on time and helpful any time”.

“The course already improved with this instructor.
Please don t change ANYTHING about this course. It s the way teaching should go.
nothing. DR. T has this class done perfect”

_________  Spring 2017  _________

“What I enjoyed about this course was not only the fact that Dr. T was clear in his explanations of the subject matter, but also provided visual learning tools for students to better grasp new concepts. Dr. T also encourages class participation, and student
engagement. Quizzes and exams reflect concepts discussed in class. He makes himself available for students with questions and concerns. Great professor”. (Spring 2017)

“The professor clearly defined at the beginning what to expect and what topics will be covered so the students could get a jump start. By Far the best professor in the Civil Engineering Department at FAU”. (Spring 2017)

“The problem solving , great professor and very active with students. Fun learning”
(Spring 2017)

“Professor is very clear with the subject
Learned new material”
Great Professor. Fair. Explained topics well”
Dr. Teegavarapu makes the class interesting. His class notes are enjoyable, his delivery of information is pertinent to the quizzes
and exams. He is up to date on information. And he follows his syllabus”.
Dr. Tee’s passion for teaching”.
Dr. T made it so easy to understand”.
Dr T was very knowledgeable and would prod the students to ask questions and verify that they understood the topics as they were covered. Very helpful instruction with clear communication of expectations and goals”. (Spring  2017)

“One of the best professors at FAU”. (Spring 2017)

“Wonderful professor would take course again”  (Spring 2017)

Excellent course, thank you Dr. T!”

“Dr T is the best. he is a great professor
Everything is good!
Communication between Instructor and student was great”  (Spring 2017)

“Professor has a good teaching methodology
I enjoy Dr T’s classes because we get to make presentations and show what we learned on a regular basis”. (Spring 2017)

_________  Fall 2016  _________

“The professor was excellent” (CWR 4202, Fall 2016).

“The professor relayed the concepts in a way that was easy to understand for the students”.

“That Dr. T make the class interactive and kept the entire 3 hours of class interesting”.

“Dr. T’s class is entertaining and he will explain the material until students have it clear. He makes it a comfortable environment”.

“Dr T is the best Professor of year to me , we need more professor like him”.

“Thank you for all the advise, Professor Tee is an excellent lecturer”.

“This has been one of the the best graduate courses I have taken at FAU. The instructor clearly had a a passion for what he was teaching. He enjoyed teaching. He enjoyed interacting with the  students. This, unfortunately, is much more than I can say for a majority of the courses I have taken at FAU. So thank you Dr. T. If available, I would take more courses from you” (CWR 6818, Fall 2016).

_________  Spring 2016  _________

“One of the best professors I’ve seen at FAU” (Spring 2016, CWR 4202).

“Dr. T. is always available to help students”.

The Instructor was passionate about the content of the course, this helped keep students engaged in the subject” (Spring, 2016 CWR 4202).

“One of the best professors at FAU.. He teaches is awesome” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

“I would like to thank Dr. T and the department for offering this course” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

“Each and every lecture was a fantastic experience” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

“Excellent Professor” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

_________  Fall 2015  _________

“The professor made it easy for the students to understand;  He was very patient and professional. He inspired me to further learn about hydrologic engineering”. (Fall 2015).

“I liked how it was very straight forward and the teacher’s commitment to his students” (Fall 2015).

“Dr. T made good attempts to make the class enjoyable” (Fall 2015).

“Very nice Professor” (Fall 2015).

“I enjoyed the course and instructor”. (Fall 2015).

“I like how we solved a lot problems together in class” (Fall 2015).

_________  Prior to Fall 2015  _________

“I liked how Dr. T. made it interesting and informative. He also  made himself available more than just  office hours in case we needed special help”

“Dr. T. was willing to help extra mile to help you learn outside the classroom. Vary rare in the Civil Department “

“Dr. T. has an engaging teaching style, and presents material in an effective and educational manner. One of the best Educators at FAU “

“…the professor is much knowledgeable about the subject it makes easy and fun to learn at the same time”

“…. the professor is an excellent communicator “

“Professor was very helpful”.
“He’s teaching method and understanding and deliverance of the material”
“Dr. Teegavarapu explained concepts by relating them to everyday activities. An example was relating infiltration to eating donuts”.
“Dr. T has – in my opinion – one of the most effective teaching styles Ive come across in the engineering program. Learned a lot”
“Dr.T. really goes the extra mile to make sure his students are understanding the material.
“Best professor in FAU”,
“The topics are explained in an easy manner”
“Teacher was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable”
“The lectures was very interactive. There were discussions that helped the learning process”
“Dr. T teaching manner was relaxing and non-stressful”
“very interesting”
“The class was fun all the time. Dr. T made it quite interesting. Design methods were tedious but very useful “

The teacher made the course very easy to learn . His method of teaching is effective.
“Good Teacher, Very Effective” , FAU

“Dr. T. was funny”
“The exceptional knowledge of the teacher, class was well put together (organized).

“The professor commitment to making sure we understood the material covered”

“Dr. Teegavarapu is one of the best at F.A.U. No comments about that”

“I like the way that he puts to make everybody to understand. He is always available for any student. He is of the most efficient teacher that I ever had before ..”

“Great Teacher, made the subject fun and easy to learn”

“Excellent Teacher, like the way things were explained, like how he did problems on the board”
“The method of teaching, the way of examination, labs were interesting and useful”

“Instructor cares whether or not we learned”

“Dr. T. put a lot of time into this course. He gave individual feedback on every assignments. He was always willing to listen to questions and gave his time freely. Dr. T. is one of the better professors in the engineering department”

“How the professor make the course interesting, provides feedback and comments for all the quizzes and homework and test. It was a nice course”

“He cared about his students learning an exceptional amount, which is scarce in this department”

“This course was well taught and the teacher used the appropriate tools to teach”

“I think this is the only professor that is interesting if the student is learning or not. He is a very good Teacher”

“One of the most organized and effective professors in the department”

“One of the best instructors that I have had”

“Dr. T. Great Instructor”

“I hope Dr. Teegavarapu be considered as the Professor of the Year”

“Well I love the method of teaching. I think Dr. T. did an excellent job in explaining the concepts. I also liked the homework/quizzes because they reflected on our understanding. In addition to all this. Dr. T cares about the students and that is really important”

“The teacher is very into teaching”

“It was interesting and the professor was very enthusiastic about the material. Professor showed a equal amount of liking for all students”

“THE PROFESSOR”, He was excellent. He wants that his students learn. He goes beyond or any expectation explaining everything, giving excellent feedback on labs, quiz, test and homeworks. He is able to explain at any time”

“He is the best Professor in the civil engineering department”

“Feedback was always given in reasonable time. Excellent communication and respect with/for students”

“Dr. T. is one of the most effective professor I have had”

“Dr. T. took time to make sure I understood different concepts in the course”
“Really Good Teacher”
“Always very Understanding”

“Dr. Tee is great – He spends so much time making sure the students learn”

“Give Dr. T. a pay increase and keep him here”

“The instructor helped me more (personally and academically) by constant support and encouragement through out the semester than any instructor I have had in 4 years at FAU”

“Dr. T. is one of the best professors I have had. He thoroughly explains all the material that is covered and he also does many sample problems or reviews the homework problems with us. He is always available..”
“Dr. T. is an Excellent Instructor. His lectures and availability made this course very enjoyable.” at FAU

Dr. T is the best instructor here., at FAU
“Availability of Dr. Ramesh. He answers to your email on time. The way he teach make you feel as a part of hydrostatic family. He work hard to give us feedback on everything we submit to him. I hope to be votes teacher of the year”

“I my academic life I have met a lot of professors. Dr. Ramesh is one the best. He is always there for you. You can count on his advices even for other classes. Keep it up the good work Dr. Ramesh”
“Ramesh Teegavarapu is an excellent prof”

“overall pretty good class & so are the instructors”

Great job Dr. T.  at FAU

“Very Good Teacher”

“I actually enjoyed the class even though I dreaded taking it. Dr. T. made it easy to understand and interesting”

“Dr. T. is a fantastic teacher who actually cares to go out of his way to see students succeed. He makes learning enjoyable.

“I really enjoyed this class – You are a great Teacher. You definitely stimulated the class interest and made learning fun.”

“Dr. T. is an excellent instructor & really takes his job seriously”

“Instructor was knowledgeable about content and very helpful.
However, the workload outside the class was very heavy”

“Dr. T. was a good, fair and reasonable teacher”
“Great Job. Very Interactive and helpful. Projects should be spread out more”
“Very Good Teaching, Easy to follow and enjoy the humor”
“Presented well, I appreciate the effort”
“Interesting and Entertaining”
“Presentations are very thorough”
“Appreciate the help given outside the class”
“Very nice and helpful Website”
“.. Overall you are doing well in teaching the class”
“.. You make us work hard for the grades”

“I enjoyed the course. It has been one of the few classes that I actually enjoyed doing work for. You didn’t give us too much work and what you did give us, we could solve. Thanks for a good semester!”

“You do a good job and obviously care very much for your students. We need more teachers like you”

“I enjoyed taking your class this semester and I appreciate the time out of class you gave in order to help us”.

“Dr. T. is a fantastic teacher!. He clearly cares about students and wants them to succeed and that shine through in the way he approaches teaching! He is perhaps the most accessible teacher
I ever had. Any time I needed extra help, he was always there to offer it and never made me stupid for not understanding”

“Very helpful professor, always there for assistance. Thanks.”

“Instructor was very good and made sure everyone understood the topics he covered in the class regardless if they chose to study and get the concepts or not.”

“I thought the class was very interesting. I thought the class was good. I believe I learned a lot.”

”Dr. T. did an excellent job”

“You have brought a lot of great information and analysis of presentations to the group. Great Job.” — Ms. Tracy Baranet, Workshop Instructor and Coordinator, Two day workshop on Teaching Techniques, May 8 & 15, 1999.

“Teaching and expressing ideas to students seems to come quite naturally to Ramesh. He really seems to enjoy it, particularly in making complex ideas appear quite simple and understandable”– Student, Environment Resource & Management Tools (56.725)

“Ramesh is Excellent”– Student, Systems View of Natural Resources Management (56.721)

“Ramesh does a good job of conveying the essence of concepts – he is clear and easily understood” – Student, Environmental Resource and Management Tools (56.725).

“As an Instructor Ramesh Teegavarapu is professional and well articulated. Ramesh exudes a positive and confident attitude that make him a good instructor” – Student, Environment Resource and Management Tools (course # 56.725)