Total Research Funding from Projects : Over 5 million dollars (secured by Dr. T. as Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator at Hydrosystems Research Laboratory (HRL) since January 2007). Dr. T. and HRL sincerely thanks all the funding/sponsoring agencies and several excellent researchers at these agencies for their input, feedback and support of the studies completed.


Funding Agencies
  • Watershed Master Planning Initiative Pilot Program Phase -II, 2022-2024. [One of the Co-investigators), Florida Department of Environmental Management.
  • Development of Interactive Tool and Performance Indices for the Assessment of Coastal Structures due to Extreme Water Levels, [2022-2023], PI.
  • Methods for Infilling and Temporal Disaggregation of Gridded Temperature and Precipitation Data [2021 – 2022]. PI, US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Development of Performance Indices for Assessment of Coastal Structures due to Extreme Water levels [2021-2022]. PI
  • Development of Methods and Analysis of Extreme Water Levels at Coastal Structures [ 2020-2021]. PI
  • Watershed Master Planning Initiative Pilot Program Phase -1, 2019-2020. [One of the Co-investigators)
  • Development and Evaluation of new methods for imputation of precipitation Data (US Army Corps of Engineers, 2019-2020). PI
  • Multi resolution Analysis of the impacts of complete streets on efficiency, safety and environment of urban corridors (2018-2020, Florida Department of Transportation).
  • Identification and Evaluation of Critical Urban Corridors, 2019-2020 (Co-PI)
  • Evaluation of Methodologies for Bias in Radar-based Precipitation Estimates (US Army Corps of Engineers, 2016-2018)., PI
  • Data Quality Improvement (Hydrometeorological Data)., USGS 2016-2017., PI
  • Development of a framework for Assessment of Precipitation Data, Funding Source: SFWMD, 2016., PI
  • Development and Assessment of Data Accuracy Assessment Algorithms for Identifying Anomalies in Hydrometeorological Data (Phase II), Funding Source: SFWMD-USGS, 2014-2015., PI
  • Development of a Mobile Hydro-meteorological Observation Systems, Funding Source: FAU, 2014-2015., PI
  • Major Research Instrumentation (MRI): Acquisition of Big Data Training and Research Laboratory, Component: Climate Change and Variability Modeling along with Analysis of Hydro meteorological Processes, Funding Source: NSF, 2014-2016., CO-PI
  • Weather Radar and Hydrology, Funding Source: NSF, 2014., PI
  • Integrating 3D Virtual Reality Modules for Flood Modeling Studies, Funding Source: NSF, 2012-2015., Co-PI



  • Development and Assessment of Data Accuracy Assessment Algorithms for Identifying Anomalies in Hydrometeorological Data (Phase I & II: Stage), Funding Source: SFWMD-USGS, 2012-2014., PI
  • Development and Evaluation of a New Statistical Downscaling Model for Precipitation Climate Change Projections for Florida, Funding Source: FAU (Climate Change Initiative), 2011-2013., PI
  • Indices for Bias Assessment of radar-based rainfall data, 2012-2013, Funding Source: SFWMD and USGS., PI
  • FAU Climate Change Research Priority Grant, 2010-2013., PI
  • Data Quality Improvement for Radar and Stage Data- Identification of Outliers and Anomalies and Bias Assessment, Funding Source: SFWMD-USGS, 2014-2015., PI
  • Assessment of Spatial and Temporal Variation of Extreme Precipitation Events in Coastal Basins of SFWMD Region, Funding Source: SFWMD-USGS, 2011-2013., PI
  • Interactive Decision Support Tool for Leachate Management, Funding Source: Hinkley Center, FCSHWM, 2011-2012., CO-PI
  • Pre-Disaster and Hazard Mitigation Study, Funding Source: FEMA, 2011-2013., CO-PI
  • An SUS Climate Change Task Force: Science Addressing the Needs of Florida Agencies, Industry and Citizenry. Funding Source: Florida State University System (FSUS), 2010-2011., CO-PI
  • Infilling of Missing Precipitation Data using NEXRAD data, Funding Source: USGS, SFWMD, 2009-2012., PI
  • Modeling Groundwater Interactions in Hydrologic Analysis for Flood Plain Mapping, FEMA, SFWMD, 2009-2010., PI
  • Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Precipitation Events and their Relation to Peak Flooding Events in South Florida, Funding Source: FEMA-SFWMD, 2009-2010., PI
  • Development of a Methodology for the Assessment and Mitigation of Sea Level Rise Impacts on Florida’s Transportation Modes and Infrastructures. Funding Source: FDOT, 2009-2010., Co-PI
  • Season Water Quality Impacts, Florida Department of Health, Funding Source: FDEP, 2007-2008.
  • Water Quality Synoptic Survey Data Analysis for EBWCD, Funding Source: SFWMD, 2007-2008., PI
  • Geo-Statistical Analysis of Solar Radiation Data, Jupiter’s Last Call, 2008., PI
  • A Pilot Study on Catastrophic Flood Scenario Animation for a Region in South Florida, Funding Source: SFWMD, 2007. PI
  • NEXRAD Rainfall Data Quality Improvement by Evaluation of Uncertainties in Z-R relationships, SWFWMD, USGS, SFWMD, 2009-2012., PI
  • Regional Water Quality Assessment Project I,I and III phases , PRIDE NOAA, 2001-2006., PI
  • Assessments of Spatial Water Quality Trends in Cumberland River Basin, KDOW, EPA., PI
  • Methodology for Hydropower Optimization, NSERC, Canada, 2001, PI
  • Last Resort Algorithms for Optimal Operation of Multiple Reservoir Systems, NSERC, Canada, 2001-2002, PI
  • Short -term Hydrualic Optimization, Phase I and II, Manitoba Hydro, 1999-2001
  • Forecasting Indicator Bacterial Concentrations in Streams using ANNs. USGS, 2003., PI
  • Water User Profile Study, Broward County, Florida, 2006-2008., Co-PI
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