Comments on Teaching


Taken from Official University SPOT (Student Perception of Teaching) Evaluations

Fall 2023 Comments

“Very fun class”

“The professor offer a lot of help”
“The professor is good with making concepts simpler with certain comparisons. Also you know exactly what to expect throughout the course”.
“The professor is always willing to help his students whenever needed”.
“The professor give good lectures, and solve examples in class”.
“Professors willingness to help and teach even in his free time”.
“Professor was helpful and funny”.
“I liked not having to buy an expensive textbook. The notes were very good”
“I liked how he taught and gave a lot of examples.”
“I enjoyed the subject more than I thought I would especially storm sewer design.”
“Great style for presenting several topics”
“Dr. Ts willingness to meet whenever we had questions. He goes above and beyond to help.”
“Dr. T. is an excellent professor. He goes above and beyond for students to comprehend the material by doing review sessions during extracurricular hours”

“The best of the best”
“I think that overall the class is really good”
“As mentioned before, overall, Dr. T. is an amazing professor. Great attitude and easy to understand”

“The passion behind the study of water resources and the way the professor explains; with verity of methods, and many extra bonus classes for clarification offered. Which not too many professors put effort for”

“Best teacher”

“Professor T is a great Professor, and the subject interests me”

“His method of teaching is excellent”

“Dr T is a good professor, with high knowledge on the topics discussed during the course.”

“Thank you for an awesome semester, and thanks for understanding and sharing your thoughts for students that go through rough times. Not to say i do, cause truly i am blessed, but I appreciate your caring personality”

“Overall, this course was very well taught. “

“I enjoyed this course and think I learned and acquired information. I will definitely have Professor T again”

“Dr. T is the best professor that I have ever had. He is too helpful. I like his class mostly”

“I appreciate how the course emphasizes practical problem-solving. The professor’s approach of presenting real-world challenges pushes us to think critically and analytically, encouraging us to explore various solutions. This hands-on approach not only deepens
our understanding of the subject matter but also hones our ability to apply knowledge to real scenarios. It’s been an opportunity to develop essential skills that are relevant beyond the classroom, preparing us to tackle complexities in the field”

“The engaging lectures”

“Lectures were long because it’s a once a week course, but Dr. T helped us stay engaged by breaking out of lecture to talk about anything besides the material to avoid information overload.” 

“I think that the course is fair and the way it is structured is perfect how it is. Dr T provides a lot of assignments, quizzes, exams,  and projects where you can get points so you don’t feel as though you might fail. A lot of professors will just have two exams and  maybe a couple homework assignments so your grade is dependent on doing well on one exam or maybe even both. Dr T takes the time out of his day to provide us with extra help whenever we need it. This class was one of my favorite classes based on just being able to get help and Dr T’s quick responses and not feeling overwhelmed. No other professor has EVER answered an email I sent to them that quick or even responded back at that matter. This course needs no improvement, it is already a fantastic class and Dr T is a great professor.”

Spring 2023 Comments

“Very friendly professor always encourage students to learn new things about the subject.”

“The professor made the course very fun and interesting. I could relate to real life problems.”

What did you like most about this course: “Teaching Style”

“I really liked Dr T’s skills to teach, he made classes interesting, no matter the topic. I also liked all the applications and examples presented in every class. And finally, I liked the reviews and feedback on assignments, presentations, and exams “

“I like how the modules were tailored based on the concentration of students in the class. Instead of focusing in a specific area too much, the concepts studied were mostly general and could be applied to other types of problems”

“ I enjoyed everything about this course, but if I have to pick one aspect, it would be the lectures. Dr. T is an excellent and engaging lecturer”

“Dr. T. is very knowledgeable and taught us how to form formulations from real-life problems. I like the course content and the way Dr. T. teaches the course”

“Doctor T was very enthusiastic about teaching us optimization problems. He gave us real life examples that we could relate to in order to understand it easier.”

 “This was my favorite course this semester, and I always looked forward to it.”
“The instructor is very supportive and knowledgeable.”

 “The willingness if the professor to teach and help students fully understand hydrologic concepts.”

“The interaction in the class the Professor is always engaged and providing in depth understanding on the material to real life scenarios and is clear in understanding!”

“ Professor Teegavarapu is excellent. His teaching availability is another level. He makes class interesting. I liked a lot that he does quizzes often because our knowledge remains fresh.”

“ It’s very well laid out and easy to learn the information.”

“He a very good professor who teaches in a fun and entertaining way that you are always learning

“Great professor. The professor does examples. Shows the process”.

“Everything was clear, and feedback was given in all assignments and quizzes.”

 “Prof. T did an excellent job teaching the course and explaining everything in detail. He was always available to answer any questions I had about a particular topic. Thank you”

 “I don’t like classes related with water, but I loved this class.”


Fall 2022 Comments

“The teacher was intuitive and friendly with the whole class. Was also very understanding and is a prime example of a good professor. Explained the topics well and did many example problems with the class.”

“The professor was very good at keeping attention during the entire class, which was very helpful”

 “The professor was very engaging and would always make time to help the students outside of class.

“The professor seemed interested and knowledgeable about the subject. I also found it very helpful that he would review some topics at the beginning of class.”

“The professor is very good at making sure we are all aware of the concepts and materials”
“The professor explained every topic clearly and step by step.”

“The interaction with the students. That he taught very well and effective and gave as much help as possible whenever you needed Information was taught very well”

“I thought this course was very organized and straightforward.”

“I like that he is interactive with the students”

“I like how the professor goes through equations step by step and makes it very clear where he gets his numbers from”

“I like everything about this course. Having quizzes each week was efficient in learning the topics”

“Dr. T, as we fondly call him, is hilarious. From time to time, he will just blurt out something funny. I love this aspect of him because it makes me awake and at the same time lighten the materials that we are discussing, especially when the class is once a week and in the evening. He is also a great lecturer as he can present the topics with ease and depth. I learned a lot from his course because he presented his lessons very clearly and with insights from him being an engineer. He also gives us feedback on the assessments that we took, and he also gives us a lot of opportunities to ask him about anything, at any time. It is very seldom that we can find a caring professor like that.”

“Dr. T explains the material so that each student understands what he teaches. He ensures the class is interactive so students stay attentive. He is very helpful and makes sure he is available to provide the necessary help”

“By far the only professor I have had that you could listen to for 3-hours straight with no issues. Very effective lecturer who was super clear with was would be on exams and how to do homework problems”

“Thank you so much, Dr. T. for teaching me well”

“I extremely enjoyed this course and recommended to others”

“Enjoyed learning the material for this class”

“The lectures. Dr. Teegavarapu was an effective and personable lecturer. He covered all of the content well and adapted to the response of the class to reiterate necessary concepts”.
“I liked how the lectures seem to be more of a conversation with the class”

“Dr. T is a good instructor and encourages students to apply themselves. He was very thorough in how he covered data analysis”
“Class was very interactive. Professor encouraged us to think critically”

“I think professor elaborate everything is awesome. “

“Thanks for a great semester professor!”

“Overall, I loved the course. I wish the hurricanes had not caused the disruption that they did, as I would have liked to have been able to spend more time on climate modeling at the end of the semester.
None. Everything was pretty good”

“I like the professor teaching way, interaction with the students, and professor guidance how to learn the subject”


Comments from Excellence Course (Politecnico Di Torino, Italy, June 2022)

What do you like about the lectures by Dr. T. ?
For sure the passion he puts in the subject. It makes it easier to follow the rather complex concepts of statistics
He doesn’t make me lose focus
The way he explained the different topics by always providing real-world examples with clarity.
A lot of good, practical examples.
The practical approach adopted
Yes, I like it very much!
The way in which the professor was presenting the problems trying to put them away from purely the context of hydrology, trying to give general tools more than the application
Very instructive lessons concentrated in terms of amount of knowledge and with practical applications
accessibility also by students novel to statistics
The very meaningful examples presented to improve comprehension of difficult statistical concepts
The lectures were engaging and very interesting.
Any suggestions for improvement ?
Overall great!
No, it seemed to me a course really well posed
maybe add more hours of labs to work with some didactic examples.
How was the quality of instruction delivered by Dr. T. ?
Very high
Overall the quality of the lessons was good, lot of interesting topics with some useful repetitions throughout the course.
Very good!
Pretty good!
High quality lectures I am satisfied.
very good!
Very high and updated
Good quality
Post any general comments/feedback about the lectures and the instructor (Dr. T.)
It was a pleasure
professors are very amiable and humorous, but in the end you need convincing expertise, which I really like.
the instructor Dr.T. was very approachable to the students and very clear in his explanations.
The lessons were well organized and the instructor was able to capture and keep my attention, despite the subject matter being quite difficult.
Nice initiative! Congratulations
Maybe it would be useful to explain a little more the different approaches that can be followed depending on the characteristics of the data inspected.


GIAN Course Feedback

Feedback based on 40 students on Spatial Analysis for Water Resources Modeling and Management (GIAN Course), June 2022.

Length of the course (rated as 2.03 [Too short(1), Right length(2), Too long])

Course level (rated as research oriented)

Course overall rating (rated as 4.5 [very good (4)  – excellent (5)])

Course Instructor rating (rated as 4.8 [very good (4)  – excellent (5)])

Quality of Presentation (rated as 4.5 [very good (4)  – excellent (5)])

Course Material provided (rated as 4.3 [very good (4)  – excellent (5)])

Video and acoustics(rated as 4.3 [very good (4)  – excellent (5)])

Would you recommend this course(rated as 4.5 [definitely not(1), unlikely to recommend(2), recommend with reservations (3) likely to recommend (4), recommend with enthusiasm (5)])


Taken from Official University SPOT (Student Perception of Teaching) Evaluations

Spring 2022 Comments

“Very interesting teaching style and fun way of learning”

“The way the professor was able to engage the students in the lecture.”

“The way professor had the patience to explain a concept several times until the students had a good grasp on it.”

“The professor was very clear and thorough in his explanations of the course material. Also how the course was structured in terms of assignments, quizzes, and test was beneficial to the overall experience”

“The professor made the class enjoyable while teaching”

“The professor explained the concepts clearly. He is always willing to explain whatever is needed outside class hours. He has extra sessions before a test. Very nice professor”

“The passion he has to teach the students this course. The feedback he provides to every quiz and exam is what makes him unique and the better Professor.

“The material is very cool and the professor is very thorough.”

“The humor of the professor. for 3 hours class, you never get tired with him.

Riveting lectures; never a dull moment. ”

“Professor: Ramesh Teegavarapu Class: CWR 4202-001: Hydrologic engineering enjoyed the professor. Dr. T really broke the information down in class and if I was not able to understand a topic clearly he would carve time out of his schedule to help me understand. I also like that he was very organized and straightforward about his student expectations”

“One of the most important things that I like the most about this course is the professor always gives a small quiz in the following week about what he taught from the previous lecture and also about what he will be teaching on the day of the quiz, just so students can remember what has been taught so far, so they remember the materials better. Me myself is always good in my own watershed at the corner but he makes it very clear for everything that he teaches so I have no complaints at all”

“I really liked how much we were able to go over the specific topics. Dr. T was great about reviewing from the prior week and taking the time to make sure we fully understood when we asked questions”

“I liked the fact that the professor would work through homework problems to make sure everyone knew how to solve them and his openness to review sessions outside of the regular class times”

“I liked that the professor kept in constant communication with the students. He also provided plenty of review sessions”

“I like that the professor would go above and beyond to make sure all his students understand the topics”

“His very interactive with the students. He makes the subject very clear from a beginning to the end. He provides feedback of all the quizzes, assignments and exams. Overall, a great professor”

“Dr. Tee does his best to make sure everyone understands the subjects and takes time out of class time to help us understand everything”

“Truthfully, Dr. T is one of the best professors for civil. He’s a great teacher and cares for students”

“Overall a good class. Very cool project”

“I highly recommend Dr. T, he is one of the best professors at the FAU. I enjoyed his class”

“Great professor who will work with you if anything comes up”

“Good course and great professor!”

“Enjoyed the course through the entire semester. Dr. T teaching approach challenge the students in a healthy manner which encourage the students to think critically”

“One of the best professors”

“I like the instructor’s teaching methodology; he communicated ideas effectively and engaged students by encouraging them to think critically.”

“Honestly, I think everything went well in this class”

Fall 2021 Comments

“The way he Explained the class.”

“The professor is always available. He explains many times until people understand. He does the exercises by hand at the same time with the students.”

“The exams and quizzes are really fair.  Great professor!”

“I really enjoy the topics that were taught in this course.”

“Dr. T breaks down the concepts to the student pace and is willing to help students who need more assistant in certain topics.”

“I liked the free-form lectures with supplemental notes on Canvas. The loose structure for the actual lectures let the professor respond to the class in an organic way.”

“I liked how thorough Dr T explains the concepts, definitely helps in the learning process.”

“How the professor covers all topic, he explains very well”

“Great professor and always makes sure you can learn from the course. Goes above and beyond.”

“Dr. T did not rush through important topics and made sure all his students understood the lecture contents.”

“Overall, great course. Dr. T’s lectures are engaging and entertaining.”

“I really enjoyed the course!”

“I had a great experience taking this course with Dr. T. I feel very confident in my understanding of the hydrology topics that were taught. I appreciate how much time and effort Dr. T put into making sure his students understood the material and were prepared for tests. I hope I can take another class with this professor in the future.”


Summer 2021 Comments

“He made the class interesting”
“Great PowerPoints Overall, “
“He is one of the best professors in FAU”
“Thank you for this amazing semester.”
“Good professor “
“Thank you for a great semester “
“I loved Dr. T’s professionalism and dedication “
“He also made himself available for everybody incase there was any technical issues “
“Dr. T is great. “
“I have learned quite a lot in this class “
“I took it in person and it was the best! ”
” I have taken a number of GIS classes from the Geosciences department, but this class has been WAY better than all of
the ones I have taken from the Geosciences department.”
“I think Dr. T and the department did a GREAT job! ”
“The Professor taught this subject so well “


Fall 2020 Comments

“What do you like most about this course: Teacher”

“professor made the course interactive”

“Learning real-world engineering applications based on similar concepts that I learned from my internship. Dr. Teegavarapu made this course very interesting and taught the fundamentals in a method that allows students to remember the concepts easily”

“I liked the professor’s teaching methods as he was very clear and concise”

“How well the professor explained all the topics. He made sure every student understood the material”

“His teaching style and the way he makes the course easily understood”

“He was illustrative and thorough in how he explained each concept. He wasn’t just a ‘talker’. I was very thankful I had more to go off of than just someone’s voice”

“Everything about this class was great! Professor communicated with us all the time, everything was explained perfectly and he made the class interesting. Great job Professor! Best class this semester”.

“Dr. Tee is a really funny guy, and his sense of humor definitely kept students engaged in the class, especially being virtual”

“Dr. T’s lecture style was really interactive and in depth. Provided ample example problems”.

“Dr. T was the best part of this course. He is energetic and enthusiastic about the material. This made the subject more exciting since it was online”

____ Comments from Undergraduate Students for Nirma University Special Lectures ____________

Comments on Lectures

“The teaching way was good”

“Thorough explanation of key topics”

“The way Dr. is teaching with good coordination between PPT Notes and White Board.”

“The depth up to which he covers the part of his topics”

“Way of explaining”

“Very informative”

“The quality of content”

“Very much informative lectures”

“The way he explains the concepts and how he looks forward to answering questions”

“Communication skills and Content”

“The clarity of the concepts”

“The explanation of every topic. That is really good.”

“How he explains the concept”

“The way he explains topics”

“Very informative and knowledgeable, also the efforts and preparedness of the sir. His knowledge for the subject is too good and I think he is clear what all things he needs to cover.”

“Simple Concepts and Easy way of Teaching”

“The way of presentation”

“The way he explains the concepts and topics is really great and easy to understand”

“I think Dr.T. is a good teacher. he is opened minded and not over bearing to your scared to ask questions as of other classes that I have. He is nice guy and easy to get alone with. he is fair with each and every student.”

About Quality of Instruction


“Very informative”

“Quality was Excellent”.

“Great quality”

“Very excellent”


General comments

“has taught us theory portion very nicely and also solved the examples that are new for us.”

“Good lecture overall and teaching methods was good”

“Lectures series is very much informative and Dr. T. has covered every topic in very much depth”.

“Explanation is good we can easily get things”

“We appreciate your efforts to extend your knowledge by sharing it with us.”

“Over all a very good experience”

“He teaches very well”

“The series was overall good”

“Very informative”

“The session is informative and enjoyable.”

“It was our pleasure that we could learn so much from him”

“Teaching skills is very good.”

“All lectures are very interesting”


Spring 2020 Comments

“Very well taught and explained Topics and concepts were very interesting”

“The teacher makes topics very easy to comprehend. He is very helpful when you ask for assistance. The style of the course. The layout of the exams. The examples done in class. the project and how it shows real life development and classroom knowledge combined”

“The Professor is dedicated to his students.  Throughout the semester, aside from his regular office hours, he provided additional office hours to accommodate students who needed the help.  He also provided extra lecture sessions to review and reinforce the course material”

“It was a pleasure to have Professor Teegavarapu this semester. the professor”

“The availability of the teacher. Professor T always had extra hours for questions, even during the online section”

“It was good”

“I think the material was very well presented and was clear to follow. How the material is presented”

“Dr. T is fantastic! one of the best civil engineering professors at FAU. Dr. T’s interaction”

“He encourages student participation”

“Dr. T takes time to make sure we are learning. Always available to students”

“Dr. T really really cares for all his students and he makes sure we understand the material, he spends a lot of time and effort in his classes !!! one of the best for sure”

“Dr. T real cares for his students and gives us all the opportunity in the world for extra help. Great professor”

“Dr T. explains so well so all the students can understand the topic very well. He is able to help students outside class because he wants everyone to learn the material”

“I enjoyed the class”

“I am very happy I have learned a lot”

“Excellent class, a lot of learning. Classes like this makes me love my major”

“Dr.T is a wonderful professor”

“Dr. T has been so helpful especially during the pandemic. He will meet with us online to help us with our project any day of the week and has been holding review/ Q&A sessions every Saturday to help us. He is so passionate and he really wants his students to understand the topics. He is also very patient with all of us when we get confused”

“Appreciate all the effort of keeping our schedule and classes as normal as possible with the current situation”

“Well-structured and excellent delivery”

“Dr. T is helpful He taught about the research and how it is done”

“Dr. T has a way of delivering the information such that it doesn’t seem like you are just taking notes and regurgitating information for an exam. His methods of teaching and encouragements for class participation encourages you to think critically and at least for me, the information was understood easily. The class project was very informative and with constant encouragement and feedback, it didn’t feel like it was a pain to have to complete”

“Coursework is very new to me. all tools were helpful”

“The course project was useful training for students writing a master’s thesis. It gave students the ability to use independent thought and critical thinking skills”

“It was definitely a change going completely remote. The discipline and balance of having to work from home then sit for a 3-hour lecture was pretty hard. But the professors did the best they could”

“Dr.T always offers office hours for help/students questions. He responds to e-mails quickly with valuable feedback”

Fall 2019 Comments

“This course can be directly taken and applied in the field. Dr. T did a great job explaining each topic”.

“The topics taught in this course were very interesting and Dr. Teegavarapu taught them well. I like having the quizzes every week because it helps refresh my memory of what was taught previously so I can have a better understanding of the material in the class.”

“The casual way in which the professor was able to perfectly explain all of the concepts of the course”

“Professor created a fun learning environment and cared about their students’ success in the course”

“Made everything understandable for students”

“I liked that this course was very applicable to the real world. We live in Florida, it rains. Therfore we all have a duty as engineers to control the side effects of that rain to ensure the safety of the public. How the teacher actually taught and how he would spend time to review what was previously taught before going into the next section his approach to teaching was new to me and very enjoyable”

“Dr.T is a very interesting professor, he keeps the class interested in the material taught by telling jokes and funny stories”

“Dr. T was funny and made everything so interesting. He spoke clearly and made sure that everyone was on the same page as him; that everyone was attentive and understanding what was being taught. The quizzes every class initially felt inconvenient, but eventually I came to understand how helpful they were in cementing what we were learning”

“Dr. T is really engaging and I enjoy coming to his lecture. I really appreciate how he reviews class the week before, before moving on to new material especially since its only once a week, its a nice refresher. The homework assigned actually helped with he quizzes and midterm and I like how he really wanted us to understand the material conceptually”

“Hands down THE best professor FAU has”.

“Great job Dr. T! I enjoyed your class”.

“By far one of the best teachers I have had at FAU”

“This course was mostly about optimization and applying it in our life. I have learned a lot about optimization which I need in my research”.

“The teaching style was quite interesting. The communication between the instructor and students was Encouraging”

“The course covered a lot about optimization techniques which I really found useful. Dr. T always gives practical examples for all the topics which help a lot to understand real-world problems. He gave us very insightful thoughts about optimizing problems which are important not only for the engineering sector but also for our daily lives”

“new analysis methods and introduction of solver”

“I like Dr. T methodology to teach how to think like engineers, how to asses a problem and think about possible solutions, giving us tips on how to think critical”.

“He encouraged and let students think critically. He taught in a very interesting way and also very elaborate”

“Every question was solved Dr. Teegavarapu was willing to help us with everything”.

“By far the best teacher I have ever had here at FAU. He makes you want to come to class to learn about the course material. I recommend this class to all majors (transportation, geomatics, structure, water resource engineering) because of the course material he provides, it will really be helpful for your research and jobs. It is a blessing for us to have his class who puts all the effort to teach students, so that student can learn the concept of his course. He is responsive to emails and questions in a timely manner. His classes are always favorite to me”

“This course is very perfectly structured.”

“One semester is too short for this course. But it is good that he covered all the major part of the course materials. Everything is perfectly presented by him for this course”

“This course is one of the great course I have taken other than my major courses.”

“Thank you for being a good mentor and advisor always!”

“Dr. T is a very nice and friendly person. What I like most is his inspiring feedback in our exam scripts. He makes us understand a difficult topic very easily. I enjoy his way of teaching a lot. He encourages us to give our exam scripts/reports a professional look which is a necessary aspect in our field of work.”

Summer 2019 Comments

“The instructor. Dr. T is one of the best, most caring professors in the department. Very prepared, objective, fair, and always available for additional help”.

“The best element of the course was the simple examples that helped explain more advanced concepts in a short amount of time and the involvement of the professor”.

“It was interesting exploring concepts that you aren’t exposed to much as an engineering student such as economics”.

“Great class. Short but very effective.”

“Very interesting course Dr. T”

“Dr. T you made this class very fun, challenging and a great experience for me I really enjoy Transportation as a subject and I enjoyed your online class for summer 2019. Thank you”.

“Dr. T was very knowledgeable and helpful.”

Spring 2019 Comments

“Dr. T not only teaches you about science and academic topics but about future professional decisions, real-life scenarios in an engineering company, problems you will find and tasks you will be asked once in the industry. By showing you a better way to accomplish the goals and offering his guidance and help to achieve it, He shapes the mind of the students helping them create the professional and ethics required to be an engineer”.

“The professor made the material interesting and engaged the students. It is nice when a professor really enjoys a subject and can influence students to be more involved in the course”.

“The most important he is motive you to learn the material and he very clear to understand. Tested on what was taught, no tricks”

“He made the class enjoyable”
“Great teacher doesn’t read off slides. Articulates ideas well”

“Dr. Tee is an excellent professor. I took this course during my last semester, while I was preparing for my F.E. exam”

“Dr. Tee really wants his students to learn, and makes himself available literally anytime to accommodate them”

“Dr. Tee is clear and instructive”.

“Thank you for putting 100% into everything, your efforts are really appreciated”.
“Great Professor”
“Dr. Tee should teach more courses!”
“Dr. T went above and beyond to ensure that all the students were successful. He went out of his way to help”

“Dr. T is probably the best professor in Engineering department”,

“Dr. T did a great job teaching the course throughout the semester. Was always super helpful and made the class enjoyable. Easily one of the best professors in the entire department”

“Very good class and very good instructor. communicate clear and give a lot of help to students. give clear instruction what the exam/project is expected. like the fact you communicate a lot through emails. will take another class from you. thanks”

“This was a very practical course. The professor shared practical examples while teaching the class. This made it more engaging and interesting to listen to the lectures.
real world projects, good demonstrations “

“This professor is the best at FAU!”

“Good teacher overall who respects students”
“Dr. T is really friendly and always ready to help when someone faces any problem” “Taking his class was an amazing experience”

“Dr. Teegavarapu, is a great teacher, who knows the material. He was very helpful at any time. I like the way he presented the detailed steps to be followed for project. I think he wants the students to gain practical knowledge. I also like the way he communicate his ideas with students”

“Dr. T is a thorough and good  teacher”


Fall 2018 Comments

“Very organized. Really cares for the students”

“Very effective teaching method and entertaining lecturer. Going to this class was never a drag”

“The way the teacher related the information”

“The professor made the class exciting and engaging. I was interested in this topic already but this professor is one of the best engineering professors at this college, other engineering professors could learn a thing or two”

“The instructor. Dr. T is probably the best professor in the department. This is the first class I have taken with him and I cannot say enough good things about him. He cares about both the topic and the students. He comes prepare to class each week, gives feedback on assignments, quizzes, and the midterm exam, he conducts review sessions on the weekend in his own time. Truly a great professor that sets his students up for success”

“The course subject matter was taught in a way that was clear and understandable, The Instructor made himself available to students who needed extra help on understanding concepts and assignments”

“Teacher was very engaging”

“Professor taught us well. Very informational and will use this information in the future. Loved how he wanted his students to learn and frequently offered feedback and clarification on topics. GREAT PROFESSOR!!”

“Lectures covered everything that was an exams and the way is was taught was understandable”

“ Also, I like the professor’ didactics”

“I like that Dr.T is willing to help any day and any hour outside of class.”

“I enjoyed basically everything about this course. I thought you did a very good job explaining all the information and I love how much respect you have for the students. You are willing to help them and I think every professor should be more patient like you”

“His personal emails to each individual student to inform them what to personally focus on for future exams and quizzes was really awesome”

“Everything about the class is great. No complaints at all. The instructor is incredibly helpful, knowledgable, organized, and straight forward with everything in the class”

“Dr.T. was a great professor. Course was more then fair and exactly what was expected. Dr.T was very helpful, organized and respectful”

“Dr. T approach to the class objectives”

“Course objectives clearly stated and followed”

“Communication from the professor”

“Best professor in civil engineering!”

“Wish there were more professors that were as effective at teaching. The engineering department would be amazing”

“Thank you so much for a great semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed the class and your teaching”

“Thank you for a wonderful semester. I hope to take another class with you in grad school”

“OVERALL, awesome professor and would definitely want to take another one of his courses!!”

“Great job”

“Great professor.”

“Excellent teaching”

“Best class ive ever taken.”

“The teacher was very interactive and the content of the course was very related to the real-life problems”

“I liked how descriptive this course was, it also helped me learn how to think more critically and analyze data. It opened a completely new area of interest in Civil Engineering for me. It broadened my knowledge and I’ve decided to write my Thesis along this line. The professor was of tremendous help, he broke down the course effectively for us to understand”

“Dr. T is the best instructor I have had since I joined FAU in Jan 2017, it was my first course with him at FAU”

“Dealing with data is important and from this course, learned some effective way to interpret the data.

“Throughout the course, the professor has repeated some topics frequently and which I will never forget. At the end of the semester, I really feel that I have learned the topics professor covered in the class. Professor Dr. T’s way of teaching is awesome interactive”


Spring 2018 Comments

“Very informative. Information was presented clearly. Professor used scenarios to get his point across”.

” That the course is very connected to the real world to a certain extent”
“Professor was very straight forward on materials we’d be tested on and even gave us a very thorough review before exam”
“Professor did well to make everything understandable and ensured everyone understood what was going on”
“Lectures and how the professor teaches it. He care about his students and make sure everybody understand everything”
“its interesting”
“I felt I could apply what I was learning in the real world.”
“Dr. T is an outstanding teacher.”
“Dr. T is a great professor who is competent in his field and challenges you to work hard”

“Unlike many other professors at this school,
Dr. T gives a damn about his students and actually wants to teach and improve the people who take his class. I really appreciated”

“Dr. T’s approach to the course and learned a lot during the semester.”
“Dr T. is honestly one of the best professors I’ve had during my time at F.A.U. His ability to clearly convey the topics covered in this course and exactly what is expected of the students is something that is too often lacking in the courses I’ve taken “.

“This is truly one of the best courses I’ve taken”

“This was one of the best classes I’ve had while at FAU”.

“Don’t need any improvement because the professor teaching it in a great way”

“Professor cares about the student understanding the material. He takes his time and always encourage the students to ask questions.
Great job”.

“I am always happy when I go to hydrology class because the teacher does not have racist behavior. As I have no other way to express what I experienced as a black student in FAU”.

“Great teacher”

“The professor made the material easy to understand
That the lectures were always made available to us. For that same reason you did not have to stress the fact that you may miss the
first few minutes or last few moments of the class for whatever reason. You knew you could always watch it at home latter”.

——— Water Resources Systems Course ———–

“The delivery and the liveliness of the class.
Teacher flexibility to associate optimization problems with any branch of engineering”. “Lots of examples provided during the course.”
“Learning the process of optimization was interesting but it was not what I was expecting
I have really learned something from this course. Though the content of this course was totally new to me but at the end of the
semester now I understand the things”

“The way Dr. T taught us is really awesome. He has real mastery on the course content.”


Fall 2017 Comments

“This course was perfect, professor took his time to explain every point, tried to make sure that everyone understood the topics that were covered. Dr. Teegavarapu actually enjoys what he does and is very knowledgable about it, he doesn’t ever use slides or reads
out of a textbook and yet you can tell that he is more prepared than other professors. Dr. T is one of the very very few professors that the school should protect with everything they have and try to keep him as long as possible”.

“He really wanted the students to learn the material and he was able to actually teach the subject. Without slides”.

“One of the best professors in the department”.

“Learned a lot because the professor teaching style was great. He s outgoing and the course became less complicated. The lectures
was also online where you can go back and view to help with programs and projects”

“Great lecturer, was funny at times but also clear with the information

Dr. Teegavarapu is great”.

“Dr. T is more than excellent he is what FAU should be gearing towards. Teaching style is the way all FAU professors need to go instead of powerpoints. Dr. T is one of a kind! I wished more professors were like him. I enjoyed every class I’ve had with him. I
truely believe if the school were to change it’s teaching method, they should change it to the way Dr. T does things”.

“I learned so
much from him. and when I was lost or felt like I didnt understand, he took the time to reteach the topic. A few times I was lost
during his lectures and he could tell just by seeing. Now that is a teacher!!”

 “I suggest that Dr. T sit with other professors and encourage them to adapt to this style of teaching rather than reading a text book/PowerPoint to students”.

“I already liked hydraulics but now I m completely sold. I enjoyed this course very much. Thank you Dr. T.
give this man a raise!!”

“Best teacher in the curriculum”

“The fact that the material was not taught from a power point. Dr. T really knows the material and takes his time and break it down”.

“I really enjoyed learning about hydrology and everything that goes into the course. I enjoyed the project at the end and being able
to apply the topics we learned in class”.
“I liked how the questions in the exam was related to real life, which whatever you learned in this course you will enjoy doing it in
real life”.

“I liked how straightforward the lectures were. The content was fair and Dr. T took his time to explain any confusions”.
“I liked how much of the items we learned in this class can be applied to real world applications for land development.
Final Project. Gives real life perspective”.

“Every single thing. Dr. T is hands down the BEST PROFESSOR at FAU. I wouldn t mind coming back for his style of teaching(I d prefer
to graduate though). He is so resourceful and available whenever he s needed. Not one complaint”.

Dr. T. is an excellent professional”.

“Dr. T is one of a kind! I wished more professors were like him. I enjoyed every class I’ve had with him. I truely believe if the school
were to change it’s teaching method, they should change it to the way Dr. T does things”.

“I learned so much from him. and when I
was lost or felt like I didn’t understand, he took the time to reteach the topic. A few times I was lost during his lectures and he
could tell just by seeing. Now that is a teacher!! “

“Dr. T is a very good teacher and he knows the material very well.I like the way the class was organized. I like his enthusiasm, and
the fact he was always on time and helpful any time”.

“The course already improved with this instructor.
Please don t change ANYTHING about this course. It s the way teaching should go.
nothing. DR. T has this class done perfect”

_________  Spring 2017  _________

“What I enjoyed about this course was not only the fact that Dr. T was clear in his explanations of the subject matter, but also provided visual learning tools for students to better grasp new concepts. Dr. T also encourages class participation, and student
engagement. Quizzes and exams reflect concepts discussed in class. He makes himself available for students with questions and concerns. Great professor”. (Spring 2017)

“The professor clearly defined at the beginning what to expect and what topics will be covered so the students could get a jump start. By Far the best professor in the Civil Engineering Department at FAU”. (Spring 2017)

“The problem solving , great professor and very active with students. Fun learning”
(Spring 2017)

“Professor is very clear with the subject
Learned new material”
Great Professor. Fair. Explained topics well”
Dr. Teegavarapu makes the class interesting. His class notes are enjoyable, his delivery of information is pertinent to the quizzes
and exams. He is up to date on information. And he follows his syllabus”.
Dr. Tee’s passion for teaching”.
Dr. T made it so easy to understand”.
Dr T was very knowledgeable and would prod the students to ask questions and verify that they understood the topics as they were covered. Very helpful instruction with clear communication of expectations and goals”. (Spring  2017)

“One of the best professors at FAU”. (Spring 2017)

“Wonderful professor would take course again”  (Spring 2017)

Excellent course, thank you Dr. T!”

“Dr T is the best. he is a great professor
Everything is good!
Communication between Instructor and student was great”  (Spring 2017)

“Professor has a good teaching methodology
I enjoy Dr T’s classes because we get to make presentations and show what we learned on a regular basis”. (Spring 2017)

_________  Fall 2016  _________

“The professor was excellent” (CWR 4202, Fall 2016).

“The professor relayed the concepts in a way that was easy to understand for the students”.

“That Dr. T make the class interactive and kept the entire 3 hours of class interesting”.

“Dr. T’s class is entertaining and he will explain the material until students have it clear. He makes it a comfortable environment”.

“Dr T is the best Professor of year to me , we need more professor like him”.

“Thank you for all the advise, Professor Tee is an excellent lecturer”.

“This has been one of the the best graduate courses I have taken at FAU. The instructor clearly had a a passion for what he was teaching. He enjoyed teaching. He enjoyed interacting with the  students. This, unfortunately, is much more than I can say for a majority of the courses I have taken at FAU. So thank you Dr. T. If available, I would take more courses from you” (CWR 6818, Fall 2016).

_________  Spring 2016  _________

“One of the best professors I’ve seen at FAU” (Spring 2016, CWR 4202).

“Dr. T. is always available to help students”.

The Instructor was passionate about the content of the course, this helped keep students engaged in the subject” (Spring, 2016 CWR 4202).

“One of the best professors at FAU.. He teaches is awesome” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

“I would like to thank Dr. T and the department for offering this course” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

“Each and every lecture was a fantastic experience” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

“Excellent Professor” (Spring 2016, CGN 6930).

_________  Fall 2015  _________

“The professor made it easy for the students to understand;  He was very patient and professional. He inspired me to further learn about hydrologic engineering”. (Fall 2015).

“I liked how it was very straight forward and the teacher’s commitment to his students” (Fall 2015).

“Dr. T made good attempts to make the class enjoyable” (Fall 2015).

“Very nice Professor” (Fall 2015).

“I enjoyed the course and instructor”. (Fall 2015).

“I like how we solved a lot problems together in class” (Fall 2015).

_________  Prior to Fall 2015  _________

“I liked how Dr. T. made it interesting and informative. He also  made himself available more than just  office hours in case we needed special help”

“Dr. T. was willing to help extra mile to help you learn outside the classroom. Vary rare in the Civil Department “

“Dr. T. has an engaging teaching style, and presents material in an effective and educational manner. One of the best Educators at FAU “

“…the professor is much knowledgeable about the subject it makes easy and fun to learn at the same time”

“…. the professor is an excellent communicator “

“Professor was very helpful”.
“He’s teaching method and understanding and deliverance of the material”
“Dr. Teegavarapu explained concepts by relating them to everyday activities. An example was relating infiltration to eating donuts”.
“Dr. T has – in my opinion – one of the most effective teaching styles Ive come across in the engineering program. Learned a lot”
“Dr.T. really goes the extra mile to make sure his students are understanding the material.
“Best professor in FAU”,
“The topics are explained in an easy manner”
“Teacher was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable”
“The lectures was very interactive. There were discussions that helped the learning process”
“Dr. T teaching manner was relaxing and non-stressful”
“very interesting”
“The class was fun all the time. Dr. T made it quite interesting. Design methods were tedious but very useful “

The teacher made the course very easy to learn . His method of teaching is effective.
“Good Teacher, Very Effective” , FAU

“Dr. T. was funny”
“The exceptional knowledge of the teacher, class was well put together (organized).

“The professor commitment to making sure we understood the material covered”

“Dr. Teegavarapu is one of the best at F.A.U. No comments about that”

“I like the way that he puts to make everybody to understand. He is always available for any student. He is of the most efficient teacher that I ever had before ..”

“Great Teacher, made the subject fun and easy to learn”

“Excellent Teacher, like the way things were explained, like how he did problems on the board”
“The method of teaching, the way of examination, labs were interesting and useful”

“Instructor cares whether or not we learned”

“Dr. T. put a lot of time into this course. He gave individual feedback on every assignments. He was always willing to listen to questions and gave his time freely. Dr. T. is one of the better professors in the engineering department”

“How the professor make the course interesting, provides feedback and comments for all the quizzes and homework and test. It was a nice course”

“He cared about his students learning an exceptional amount, which is scarce in this department”

“This course was well taught and the teacher used the appropriate tools to teach”

“I think this is the only professor that is interesting if the student is learning or not. He is a very good Teacher”

“One of the most organized and effective professors in the department”

“One of the best instructors that I have had”

“Dr. T. Great Instructor”

“I hope Dr. Teegavarapu be considered as the Professor of the Year”

“Well I love the method of teaching. I think Dr. T. did an excellent job in explaining the concepts. I also liked the homework/quizzes because they reflected on our understanding. In addition to all this. Dr. T cares about the students and that is really important”

“The teacher is very into teaching”

“It was interesting and the professor was very enthusiastic about the material. Professor showed a equal amount of liking for all students”

“THE PROFESSOR”, He was excellent. He wants that his students learn. He goes beyond or any expectation explaining everything, giving excellent feedback on labs, quiz, test and homeworks. He is able to explain at any time”

“He is the best Professor in the civil engineering department”

“Feedback was always given in reasonable time. Excellent communication and respect with/for students”

“Dr. T. is one of the most effective professor I have had”

“Dr. T. took time to make sure I understood different concepts in the course”
“Really Good Teacher”
“Always very Understanding”

“Dr. Tee is great – He spends so much time making sure the students learn”

“Give Dr. T. a pay increase and keep him here”

“The instructor helped me more (personally and academically) by constant support and encouragement through out the semester than any instructor I have had in 4 years at FAU”

“Dr. T. is one of the best professors I have had. He thoroughly explains all the material that is covered and he also does many sample problems or reviews the homework problems with us. He is always available..”
“Dr. T. is an Excellent Instructor. His lectures and availability made this course very enjoyable.” at FAU

Dr. T is the best instructor here., at FAU
“Availability of Dr. Ramesh. He answers to your email on time. The way he teach make you feel as a part of hydrostatic family. He work hard to give us feedback on everything we submit to him. I hope to be votes teacher of the year”

“I my academic life I have met a lot of professors. Dr. Ramesh is one the best. He is always there for you. You can count on his advices even for other classes. Keep it up the good work Dr. Ramesh”
“Ramesh Teegavarapu is an excellent prof”

“overall pretty good class & so are the instructors”

Great job Dr. T.  at FAU

“Very Good Teacher”

“I actually enjoyed the class even though I dreaded taking it. Dr. T. made it easy to understand and interesting”

“Dr. T. is a fantastic teacher who actually cares to go out of his way to see students succeed. He makes learning enjoyable.

“I really enjoyed this class – You are a great Teacher. You definitely stimulated the class interest and made learning fun.”

“Dr. T. is an excellent instructor & really takes his job seriously”

“Instructor was knowledgeable about content and very helpful.
However, the workload outside the class was very heavy”

“Dr. T. was a good, fair and reasonable teacher”
“Great Job. Very Interactive and helpful. Projects should be spread out more”
“Very Good Teaching, Easy to follow and enjoy the humor”
“Presented well, I appreciate the effort”
“Interesting and Entertaining”
“Presentations are very thorough”
“Appreciate the help given outside the class”
“Very nice and helpful Website”
“.. Overall you are doing well in teaching the class”
“.. You make us work hard for the grades”

“I enjoyed the course. It has been one of the few classes that I actually enjoyed doing work for. You didn’t give us too much work and what you did give us, we could solve. Thanks for a good semester!”

“You do a good job and obviously care very much for your students. We need more teachers like you”

“I enjoyed taking your class this semester and I appreciate the time out of class you gave in order to help us”.

“Dr. T. is a fantastic teacher!. He clearly cares about students and wants them to succeed and that shine through in the way he approaches teaching! He is perhaps the most accessible teacher
I ever had. Any time I needed extra help, he was always there to offer it and never made me stupid for not understanding”

“Very helpful professor, always there for assistance. Thanks.”

“Instructor was very good and made sure everyone understood the topics he covered in the class regardless if they chose to study and get the concepts or not.”

“I thought the class was very interesting. I thought the class was good. I believe I learned a lot.”

”Dr. T. did an excellent job”

“You have brought a lot of great information and analysis of presentations to the group. Great Job.” — Ms. Tracy Baranet, Workshop Instructor and Coordinator, Two day workshop on Teaching Techniques, May 8 & 15, 1999.

“Teaching and expressing ideas to students seems to come quite naturally to Ramesh. He really seems to enjoy it, particularly in making complex ideas appear quite simple and understandable”– Student, Environment Resource & Management Tools (56.725)

“Ramesh is Excellent”– Student, Systems View of Natural Resources Management (56.721)

“Ramesh does a good job of conveying the essence of concepts – he is clear and easily understood” – Student, Environmental Resource and Management Tools (56.725).

“As an Instructor Ramesh Teegavarapu is professional and well articulated. Ramesh exudes a positive and confident attitude that make him a good instructor” – Student, Environment Resource and Management Tools (course # 56.725)

____________: Other Comments  from students: _____________

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____________: Faculty Evaluation _____________

Excerpt from official peer evaluation by a senior faculty member, Fall 2017.

Dr. Teegavarapu gave a well-prepared power-point presentation along with written demonstrations on the “smart” board. The class was highly interactive. At every new slide, he paused, asked question, sought inputs from the students, provided his responses, and then moved forward. This level of student engagement in the classroom environment is highly impressive.

As an engineering education researcher myself, I believe that Dr. Teegavarapu’s teaching philosophy invokes intrinsic motivation, which plays a pivotal role in the learning process. Even as an observer, I found myself taking notes on the contents, and I actually gained new knowledge on the topic. I could feel why he is so popular among our students and why they fondly refer to Dr. Teegavarapu as “Dr. T.” It is no surprise that he was chosen as “Teacher of the Year” for the college of engineering and computer science in 2008 and one of the eight finalists for the Distinguished Teacher of the Year Award. Dr. Teegavarapu was also awarded the “Excellence in Undergraduate Education and Innovation” award in 2009. 

Often times, we find it challenging to determine the exact relationship between teaching (objectives) and learning (outcomes). In my opinion, Dr. Teegavarapu has made great progress in that direction by bridging this gap. He is undoubtedly an outstanding teacher, and shows strong potential for achieving further excellence in teaching in the coming years at FAU.

 _____________________________ Rate My Professor Comments (Web site) ______________________
January 2019.
Best professor in the department and the embodiment of what a college professor should be like. He makes himself accessible to students and even conducts exam reviews in his own time. Clear grading scale and fair grading. Interesting, engaging lectures. Gives feedback on all work and quizzes/tests. Cannot say enough good things about Dr. T.